Vitamin D3 benefits and your health

by Sleat Desjards

Vitamin D3 benefits the body quite a lot. As health is becoming more of a concern in people's lives, it's quite common to think of supplements as a tool for maintaining a healthy body. Vitamins and minerals are often associated with food supplements. Below are some of the information on vitamin D3 benefits and how does it help in your health.

Actually, there are two type of vitamin D and they are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Contrary to other vitamins, vitamin D can be produced from the body naturally. It is the ultraviolet ray in the sun that causes the body to synthesize more vitamin D upon sunlight exposure. Vitamin D3 benefits the body by playing an important role in keeping many organs in good condition and ensures proper body function. It controls the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and the rate of absorption of these minerals from the intestines. Combining vitamin D with vitamin K is vital in keeping calcium in the blood under control and protection against osteoporosis.

This method is also recommended as it will prevention calcification of the arteries and veins (the tissue of the heart hardens which will cause high risk of heart attacks and other problems of the blood circulation system) and supplies calcium to the bones to keep them strong. Taking vitamin D supplements with calcium is better than just calcium alone in helping the bones to mineralize better. Other than that, vitamin D reduces hormones being secreted in the parathyroid system and assist in the well-being of body's defence system.

Low vitamin D levels can occur due to lack of intake of foods with vitamin D or supplementation or limited connection with sunlight (or medical issues that affect the absorption of the vitamins). Lack of vitamin D will result in impairment in the function of the kidneys, liver and other vital organs, that is why supplements are often recommended by physicians. This further shows how much vitamin D3 benefits the body. The next thing to do is to look for ways to replenish the vitamins in the body and the symptoms will occur less in time. Fifteen to twenty minutes per day of sunlight exposure is enough to obtain the body to produce the right amount of vitamin D3.

Fish would be the ideal food to have adequate intake of vitamin D even though other foods like milk are fortified with the vitamins. Soy products as well as cereals are also fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D3 benefits the body by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the symptoms of the disease stop coming. The news of how vitamin D3 benefits the body have stirred more interest among scientists. As low vitamin D levels are related with high blood pressure and blood sugar problems, kidney failure patients and other studies have recommended that increased levels of vitamin D3 benefits those people who are having similar problems to help them achieve better quality of life.

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Vitamin D And Its Side Effects

by Anna Mortis

Under normal circumstances and dosages, vitamin D is tolerated very well, and side effects are not common at all. Vitamin D side effects are more likely to be linked to a deficiency in the vitamin, rather than cases where an overdose was taken. However, there are some people who may be hypersensitive to the vitamin due to medical conditions.

In very rare cases, vitamin D hypersensitivity may occur, but it is normally caused by medical conditions such as hyperparathyroidism, sarcoidosis, granulamatous TB, carcinoma and other cancers. Patients with any of the above should only consider a vitamin D supplement program in consultation with their doctor. It might be wise to undergo regular blood tests to ensure that the levels of vitamin D in the blood stay within normal range to avoid vitamin D side effects due to overdose or deficiency.

It is important to note an overdose with concurrent vitamin D side effects can never be the result of too much sunlight. Your body has a mechanism that stops the process of manufacturing vitamin D when enough for your body's use has been manufactured. Overdosing is normally the result of supplementation, rather than ingesting vitamin D via food sources or sun exposure. Vitamin D can be stored in the body's fat cells for up to sixty days.

Because vitamin D has primarily the function of encouraging calcium absorption, high levels of calcium in the blood, leading to excessive calcium in the intestinal tract is possible. Your internal organs can be permanently damaged by these high levels of calcium.

Other side effects of overdosing can include bone pain, fatigue, thirst, and excessive production of urine. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting are also known vitamin D side effects. Kidney stones can also result form ingesting too much vitamin D which again leads to excessive calcium in the system.

Pregnant females should be especially careful when supplementing with vitamin D, as another side effect can be damage to the fetus, resulting in abnormalities - physical and mental - in the baby.

Most healthcare practitioners are more concerned with the vitamin D side effects as a result of a deficiency, rather than as a result of an overdose - research actually indicates that 70% of Americans, for instance, are vitamin D deficient.

Children who are vitamin D deficient are prone to rickets, which results in stunted growth and deformed long bones. There is certainly also a link between vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis, a condition that is characterized by reduced bone density and concurrent fragility of the bone.

There seems to be a link between various diseases and sufficient vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has been linked to depression, various cancers, boosting the immune system, cardiovascular disease. It remains essential to your good health.

How to check if your vitamin D levels are sufficient? A simple blood test to measure your blood calcidiol level can show if your vitamin D levels are sufficient for optimum body function. However, ensuring that you get 15-20 minutes of sunlight three times a week should be sufficient to ensure that your body creates the vitamin D it needs. Dietary sources include cod liver oil, fatty fish species, eggs, liver and mushrooms.

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Waterford Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy Naturally

by Earlene Silversmith

While no machine can offer the combination of flexibility and strength of the human back, humans need to be reminded that it is important to protect their backs. The back is prone to injury and pain. When injured, the back sometimes needs some help in the healing process. One of the best sources of help is found through a Waterford chiropractor.

Doctors of chiropractic are persons that are trained in care of the spine through chiropractic manipulations. These adjustments or manipulations can help to restore balance to the body and increased flexibility for the spine. Additionally, the work done helps to speed the process of healing.

Several of the tissues in the back are prone to injury. The soft tissues seem to be injured more than the bones. While vertebrae are sometime broken or crushed, with disastrous results, this does not easily happen to the healthy bones. Osteoporosis, sometimes related to a lack of calcium in the diet can make it much easier to break or crush the bones.

Dislocated bones can press on nerves resulting in sever pain in the back. The chiropractic doctor uses gentle forces to move these bones back into their normal position. Once pressure is removed from the nerves, they are able to start the healing process. As nerves heal, there is less pain and it may eventually go away.

Wear and tear injuries can cause damage to the disc of the spine. The disc may eventually bulge or rupture. Many doctors of chiropractic find that use of a procedure which involves a gentle stretching of the back can allow the disc to return to a more normal shape as the fluid is reabsorbed into the disc. As time passes, the back may begin to heal.

If suffering from back pain, persons are encouraged to call for the help of a Waterford chiropractor. The DC has procedures that can help individuals to feel less back pain.

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Bonexcin-The Healthy Bone Formula

By Melissa Snyte

Osteoporosis is hardly detected in most people until they break a bone. Bone density loss is one of the tiny secrets of the body, which is not revealed until something major happens. Bonexcin is a remedy to prevent bone density loss. A broken bone would hurt a lot and would be difficult to heal if the bone density is less than normal. There may be various reasons of bone density to reduce. Prime factors for bone loss can be a history of osteoporosis in the family, and less consumption of calcium. With ageing, some critical elements in the body can get reduced, which are essential for the maintenance of bone density.

With a supplement like Bonexcin, reversing the bone density loss should not be a mere guess work. With the clinically proven contents, one can be assured of the benefits your skeletal system will get as a whole. Bonexcin makes sure that your bones stay as healthy as possible. Bonexcin can prove to be an ideal food supplement for:

*Women who have had their ovaries removed.
*Anyone with a calcium deficiency.
*Women who have undergone early menopause.
*People who have been on bed rest for an extended period of time.

Bonexcin contains Ipriflavone, which is like an alternative estrogen replacement therapy for Osteoporosis. It aids in the process of osteogenesis, which is at the core of formation of new bone cells. Bonexcin also makes use of combination of vitamin D and calcium. The supplement of this combination is known to help a lot of women above 40, and statistical studies indicate a 29 % reduction in the case of fractures in the people using this supplement. It also contains phosphorous, which is critical to maintaining the bone density.

It is a proven fact that both the minerals, calcium and phosphorous are major components in bone building. Bonexcin helps to maintain these levels and thereby reverses the bone loss and hence reduces the probability of incidence of Osteoporosis. Another critical element in the bone mineral density is zinc. In post menopausal women it is seen that combination of elements of zing and zinc serum along with manganese and calcium slows down the degradation of Bone mineral density.

Along with the above formula, bonexcin is also rich in vitamin K. Clinically it has been shown that nutrition of vitamin K, increases the bone mass density. When we look at the various sites, we can find a lot of customer testimonials who have been satisfied with the effects and benefits of Bonexcin. - 32511

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Still Good For Menopause?

By Adriana Noton

Hormone replacement therapy, now more commonly known as hormone therapy, use to be medical worlds standard treatment for those women suffering from hot flashes and other side effects of going through menopause. They also thought that it could help prevent osteoporosis and even heart disease.

In 2002 however; the minds of many in the medical field changed when they saw the results of a clinical test. What the test uncovered is that the hormone replacement therapy could actually be causing a lot more health hazards than benefits. As the doctors saw the increase of health hazards with women on this therapy they began to prescribe it less and less and a lot of women completely stopped it on their own when they heard the news about it may being dangerous.

Those who took the hormone replacement therapy were given estrogen and progestin. This therapy would ease some of the symptoms of menopause making life easier for the women going through a difficult menopause. The long term prescriptions for this are rarely given now, on occasion though, women are given the treatment for short term.

If the bioidentical hormone replacement is given short term, there still might be some health benefits. Over short periods of time, doctors have discovered that it can help lessen the chances of getting osteoporosis. If used moderately, the hormone therapy may still be able to lower the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Heart disease risk can be lowered if estrogen is given in the early stage of postmenopausal years but not throughout the entire cycle of menopause.

There are risks for taking hormone replacement therapy and women who are experiencing menopause should weigh the facts and figure out if menopause is causing that much disruption in their lives that it would be worth chancing the hazards that come with the therapy.

Long term use of the therapy actually increased the threat of heart disease in women who took the real therapy. Breast cancer appeared to increase with long term use. Strokes increased in women that took the long term therapy. There were also an increase in false positive mammograms.

On the other hand, if women only took estrogen did not seem to have an increase in heart disease or breast cancer, but; they did have an increase in strokes, blood clots in their legs and an increase in abnormal mammograms.

If your menopausal symptoms are far greater than the risk, you should talk to your doctor if the following things are bothering you the most. If you have severe hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms that are interfering with daily life. It has been discovered that you have lost bone mass and you have stopped having your period before the age of forty.

If you experience any of the above mentioned situations, it might be wise for you to consider the treatment anyway. Your doctor will be able to identify whether or not what you are experiencing is extreme enough to begin you on the hormone therapy. - 32511

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How To Make Your Bones Stronger When Losing Weight

By Katherine Crawford, M.S.

Building strong bones is like building a house-a long and slow process. And having strong bones is critical if you are active or if you want to prevent one of the most common and debilitating injuries: fractures.

Unfortunately, because of sedentary living and a lack of exposure to sunlight, your bones may be much weaker than they should be. And this sets you up for serious injury in the near future.

So here is how to make your bones stronger:

1. Don't neglect the weights: Not only will lifting weights rev up your metabolism, but it will also make your bones super strong. And super strong bones are less likely to fracture or break. And don't be overwhelmed by all the different exercise techniques out there, just do something!

2. Increase your flexibility: Becoming more flexible won't really increase the health of your bones, but it will prevent them from breaking so easily. After all, most fractures are a direct result of inflexibility. You see, the more flexible you are the more freely your bones can move around in your body.

3. Train for balance: Again, increasing your balancing capabilities won't directly affect bone health, but it will prevent injury. You see, many fractures and breakages are a direct result of poor falling technique. If you incorporate some balance training into your routine, you can prevent a lot of this.

4. Increase calcium intake: But be careful with exotic formulations because many of them can contain lead. And do you really want extra lead in your body? Instead, stick to supplements from reputable manufacturers and increase leafy green vegetable intake. Yes, leafy greens also have calcium!

5. Don't have too much protein: Protein is a double edged sword. It can relieve hunger like nothing else and promote fast rates of fat loss. However, it can also promote lethargy and calcium leakage. So if you are going to go the high protein route, make sure you do it while supplementing with calcium.

Trying to lose weight while having weak bones is unnecessary and unhealthy. So make sure you follow this advice sooner rather than later. After all, later usually never comes! - 32511

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Bones Free Movie

By Sally Marks

I am certain many of you must have heard about the American crime television series Bones. Bones TV show is based on murders and forensic sciences used for solving it. It contains lots of mystery, intelligence and the techniques used for solving murder cases. This show was first telecast on September 13th 2005 in one of the famous television channels in the U.S and is still being aired.

Bones is indeed a spine chilling title and it is associated with the name of the main character in this television show, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan who is a forensic anthropologist and solves cases that are brought by the FBI. The story of Bones is an adaptation from the very popular crime novel series written by Kathy Reichs, who herself was a forensic scientist and the series depicts the life of Kathy in the form of Temperance Bones Brennan. The character "Bones" was actually created from the character Temperance Brennan (of Kathy's novel) by Hart Hanson.

Coming to the story of the television series, the close friend of DR. Temperance Bones Brennan is Seeley Booth. Seeley who is an FBI agent brings out the unsolved murder cases to Dr. Temperance. Each week a new murder case is brought to her and she solves it with great expertise with the help of her experienced teem of associates. They all work together and explore the mysteries behind from the clues left over in the remains of the victim's body. With these clues how they solve the case forms each week's story, with new and interesting murder cases every time.

Right now there have been about 95 episodes which premiered on the Bones TV show. The Bones TV show had great rating and was popular among the viewer which is evident from the whopping 8.9 million viewers in the season one. Following its success seasons two, three, four and five were released each with 21,15,26,22 episodes. More episodes with great suspense and more interesting cases are to be expected to come in the following season. Since it launch in 2005 the TV show obtained popularity and was applauded by critics and has been one of the mainly watched series.

The protagonist of the series i.e. the character Dr. Temperance Brennan is cast by the stunning Emily Deschanel. David Borenaz plays the FBI agent who is also the close friend of Temperance. He is well known as he has played the lead role in another series. The other associates of Dr. Brennan are Angela pearly gates Montenegro cast by Michaela Conlin, Dr. Zackary Uriah Conlin is cast by Eric Millegan and the role of Dr. Jack Stanley Hodgins is done by T.J.Thyne.

Watch Bones online free and get enthralled in the crime solving and their intelligence. Although DVDs are available if you are going to watch it online it will be easy on the pocket. And moreover you can watch it whenever you need to. Instead of searching for the DVD and spending money and time you can go for free online show of the series. - 32511

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